About Us

Hello Parents and Kiddies of the world! Welcome to The Blinky Company, the world's first adventure brand for parents and children everywhere.

We here at Blinky HQ love adventures and we know you and your children do too... but we don’t love how long it takes to get ready for those journeys out exploring the world around us. There’s so much to remember, boo! 

That’s why The Blinky was born. Frustrated after another disastrous outing without covers or blankets we put our heads together and decided that it was our mission to help parents everywhere leave the house without  having to pack the kitchen sink!

The Blinky is the world’s first go-anywhere buggy blanket. Designed to keep your children covered whether it’s sunny or raining, looking out into the world for the first time or snoring their little heads off. Get your Blinky on and let’s go for an adventure.

Olivia Farnan
A mum who no longer needs to pack the kitchen sink to go on an adventure with her children.

The Farnans