Why the name "Blinky"?

The name "Blinky" came about because Olivia's daughter kept blinking in the sun, wind and rain when the idea for Blinky initially came about - its also used a lot in Ireland to describe a child's blanket.


Will BlinkyWarm™ fit my buggy?

There is a full list of buggies that BlinkyWarm is compatible with on our website, and we're always adding to it*

Link here: Compatible Buggies


Is BlinkyWarm™ easy to use?

YES - it can be fitted and working in just 30 seconds!


Can I use BlinkyWarm™ all year round?

YES - it is suitable for use all year round, but please do use the appropriate covers in extreme weather conditions.


Will BlinkyWarm™ protect my little one from UV?

YES - the entire Sun/Sleepshade in BlinkyWarm™ is UV 50+ protected, and will protect against the sun's harmful rays, although we recommend a full sunshade on very hot days.


What safety standards does BlinkyWarm™ meet?

This product has been fully tested to international REACH & POP standards and independently tested by Intertek.


Can I wash my BlinkyWarm™?

YES - it is wipe clean and can be machine washed at 30°C.


Is BlinkyWarm™ rainproof?

YES - the entire BlinkyWarm™ is rainproof.


How warm is BlinkyWarm™?

The BlinkyWarm™ is very versatile and can be used on its own in mild weather or can be layered up with other blankets in colder weather.


How big is BlinkyWarm™ when it's packed away?

A handy, compact size of 49cm x 20cm.


How much does BlinkyWarm™ weigh?

Super lightweight at just 620g.


What age can I use my BlinkyWarm™ from?

The BlinkyWarm™ is suitable from 6 months+


Can I use BlinkyWarm™ on a car seat or carry cot?

No, the BlinkyWarm™ is only for use on Buggies - Compatible Buggies


Can I fit a BlinkyWarm™ to a foldaway buggy without a hood?

No, you need a buggy with a hood to be compatible with this product.


Are the new BlinkyWarm™ designs different to the old yellow Blinky?

YES - we've combined the sun and sleep shade into one to make it even more compact, and we've added additional airflow into the rain cover, and made sure that airflow is maximised by having the airflow sections always exposed.


How soon will I receive my Blinky product?

We aim to deliver within 3-5 working days, but we also have an option for Next Day delivery if required. (cut off time applies)


Can you deliver next-day?

YES - however there is a small additional charge for next day delivery within the UK & Ireland.


Can you deliver to countries outside the UK?

YES - we can send to anywhere in Europe (without import duties ) as well as anywhere in the United Kingdom.


What happens if I need to return my Blinky product?

You can email us on returns@theblinkycompany.com and we can now arrange collection.


Can I be a Blinky Model?

Absolutely - we'd love to hear from you!


How can I contact you?

You can get us on info@theblinkycompany.com for general enquiries, or olivia@theblinkycompany.com for trade enquiries.