Having grown up at the foot of the Mourne mountains in Ireland and spent every holiday in Donegal, Blinky founder Olivia Farnan has seen for herself the difference that nature can bring to children.

“The natural world was where my kids found their confidence. But it can be easy for a parent to stay inside because of the sheer number of things you have to remember. I believe that kids who grow up in nature grow in confidence more quickly so I design products that help parents and keep kids comfortable.”

Blinky’s Big 3

1. Step out with confidence

We believe that kids and parents thrive outside. Blinky is about doing more, exploring more, taking your baby out of the home with as little fuss as possible. Confidence is key and with Blinky by your side, there’s not much you can’t do together.

2. Made to fit your world

Parents, guardians, anyone raising babies...we think the world of you. Things are never easy when a full night’s sleep is a distant memory. That’s why Blinky is made to fit your world. Our products are easy to use, easy to carry, fit most buggies and are designed to be wiped clean, washed and passed on... all with as little packaging as possible.

3. Masters of multitasking

We are multitaskers - we have to be, we’re parents. A Blinky product is defined by usefulness and practicality, but it’s made desirable by our no nonsense attitude to design. We are minimal in everything but the long list of things Blinky can help you out with. With Blinky, you’re the master of multi-tasking.