Why Blinky?

The Blinky is the world's first, all season, go-anywhere, buggy blanket that has you covered come rain, shine and hopefully sleep. We are the only buggy blanket on the market with all the covers built in; meaning all you need to remember is the baby, the buggy and the Blinky!

The Blinky  is a fleece lined, reflective, buggy blanket with a rain cover, sun shade (UV50+)  and sleep shade all built in. Each shade zips independently on the integrated hood and can be stored neatly in the pouch when not  in use; and best of all, the entire thing is wipe clean and machine washable.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is a built in, fully washable, waterproof, child safe and phthalate free cover which zips independently and keeps your little ones safe and dry while it's in use.

Sun Shade (UV50+)

The sun shade is a built in, fully washable, UV50+, high level sun protection, 100% polyester shade which zips independently. It keeps your little ones eyes protected from the bright sun and provides high level sun protection while in use.

Sleep Shade

The sleep shade is a built in, 100% polyester, blackout, breathable composition shade which zips independently. The air permeable polyester weave allows fresh air in and out while the shade is in use. 

Air Flow System

The fully integrated air flow system allows more air to circulate in and around the buggy while the shades are in use. The material over the air flow system simply needs to be pulled back over the buggy hood to access it.