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Charntel W
True must have item

I absolutely love the BlinkyWarm for Iris. It’s a 5 in 1 cold weather buggy blanket which includes a rain proof cover, sleep shade, it’s UV safe, thermal to keep those toes warm and an airflow system. We have the colour ‘milk’ but others are available too and I absolutely do not leave the house without it!

There are a handful of true must-have items when you have a baby and I feel like this is genuinely one of them!

Lindsey H.
Must have for on-the-go families

The BlinkyWarm is so very well thought out. It has everything I could think of for days out with my son in the unpredictable British weather.

The fleece lining looks so cosy, and the hood fits perfectly, as if it was made just for my buggy.

Very happy with the fact I only have to take one thing out with me that covers all eventualities.

Leanne Ross
Such good service and a fabulous product

Such good service and a fabulous product, my son has an eye condition which is affected by the light and with the Blinky my son can now open his eyes when we are out in a walk, it’s been the best money spent!! And once again the service has been the best I have received, they kept me up to date on my order and even went to test to make sure that it fitted my pram before I order, highly recommended, and thank you again for your great service and helping Ollie.

Clare Laughlin
Fantastic product which I can't recommend enough.

From the quality packaging to a beautiful pram cover which is perfect for all weather! Colour is brilliant especially for the dark nights. Easily fitted to the pram and most important when you bring it back inside you can remove it without disturbing your sleeping baby!!! Proud to be the owner of a Blinky!

Ciara Corrigan
I am totally in love with my Blinky!

As a mum of two things can get a bit hectic when trying to leave the house and I often find myself forgetting things to pack such as the rain cover for the pram. With the Blinky having the rain cover attached I no longer have this problem. The bright yellow colour is so child friendly and very eye catching which I was drawn to. Our first adventure was successful and our Blinky needed a wash due to a toddler and lots of muck. The Blinky was easily washed and dried quick too. All in all a success! We can't wait to have more adventures with Our Blinky.

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Why Blinky?

We believe that kids who grow up in nature, grow in confidence more quickly. Blinky is practical, sustainable and fits most buggies. Blinky is made to fit your world.