Back to School Essentials with Easy2Name Labels

Back to School Essentials with Easy2Name Labels

The dreaded back to school routine is looming. For parents of new schoolies, you may be feeling nervous and apprehensive about your little ones beginning their new adventures. For seasoned parents you may already be ready to drop kick them back through the doors! Whether you’re one of these options, or anything in between, there are some things that won’t change:

There will be endless bits of uniform to wash and iron weekly. There will inevitably be lost cardigans and jumpers along the way. There will be whiteboard marker on brand new white shirts on DAY ONE (which by the way comes out better if soaked in hand sanitiser – you’re welcome!) and there will be tears and tantrums - some yours, some theirs. Take it all in and try to enjoy each moment. Trust us, the school years end far too quickly!

Our wonderful friends at Easy2Name Labels have been kind enough to write us a blog on getting yourselves organised and ready for school. Be sure to check out all of their goodies at



With the return to the school term not too far away, it’s time to focus on organising everything you need so you can enjoy the summer holidays! Here at Easy2name, we want to help! Check out our short but ultimate guide to what you need for school labelling, prevent lost items and mix-ups – and stress!

  1. Clothing Labels: Choose from fun & unique clothing labels. which offers the easiest and quickest method of labelling for all types of garments. These little miracles are the simplest way to stop mix-ups and/or keep your littlies’ belongings away from the dreaded lost property box at school/nursery. Our most popular products are the Original Clothing Stick On labels - simply peel and firmly stick them onto the care label for the best results –boy they do stick! These labels are safe to use in the washing machine or tumble dryer and last up to 300 washes. We also supply Iron-on clothing labels. We also supply Iron-On Clothing labels, Sew-on clothing labels, Clothing stamps or Clip-on Name Tags which can all be found here:


  1. Equipment Stickers: These multi-purpose stick-on labels for equipment are ideal to stick onto bottles, tupperware, pencil cases & stationary in a matter of minutes! They come in a range of colours, designs and sizes to firmly label any non-fabric surface – super easy to apply. Our stick-on labels for equipment are all dishwasher, microwave and steriliser safe (up to 40 degrees).


  1. Bottles & Labels: You’ll need to think about labelling bottles clearly since these are often left around the classroom, increasing the chances of mix-ups which, we as parents, must now be especially mindful to try to avoid. Easy2name provides Personalised Drinking Bottles that come in a variety of colours and designs personalised with your little one’s name. Not for you? You could opt instead for our Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers or Bright & Brilliant Mini Stickers to be more discrete – perfectly designed to prevent mix-ups or loss. Looking for reusable options? Then try our personalised etched silicone Bottle Bands which fit perfectly around your kids’ bottle.


  1. Lunchboxes & Labels: Definitely a must-have! Easy2name Personalised Lunchboxes are super practical (and dishwasher and microwavable safe) to pack in plenty of brain fuel. We offer a range of bright, colourful and fun designs that can be personalised with your child’s first name. Alternatively, if you already have a lunchbox, we recommend one of our fave products, Bright & Brilliant Large Stickers, that can be personalised with 2 lines of text – dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe! Simply peel & stick them into any non-fabric items.

  1. Bag Tags: You can help your children to keep their school backpacks safe with our stylish and cool Bag Tags. Each metal tag can be customised with 2 lines of text for names, addresses, phone numbers and emails – they come in super handy! These useful tags also come with a metal clip for attachment.
  1. Medical Alerts and Allergies: To ensure teachers or school/nursery staff are kept aware of allergies or medical needs, we offer Allergy Stickers and Safety Wristbands! Both products can be personalised with allergies, medical alerts or emergency contact details. Whether they are in school or nursery, on a school trip or just down the park with friends – Allergy Stickers and Safety Wristbands can help to give you added peace of mind when you aren’t there!  


Please note that certain schools may have specific guidelines for labelling items, so consider having a look at what’s essential.


Get organised with Easy2name!