5 Ways To Use Your BlinkyWarm™

5 Ways To Use Your BlinkyWarm™

Now there is no need to remember ‘all the things’ everytime you leave the house, and risk packing the wrong thing! The BlinkyWarm 5-in-1 All Seasons Buggy Cover & Cosy Toes ensures you’ve always got it covered... Quite literally!


Here’s 5 ways to use your BlinkyWarm™ :


Easy snoozing on nap walks - The pull-out rainproof hood can be unzipped to become a full sleep shade to offer complete protection for little ones whenever you need it, meaning no more wind, rain, or bright sunshine disrupting those crucial nap walks.


Say goodbye to pesky bugs - Our breathable mesh is perfect for keeping nasty insects out when you’re having an adventure on holiday, or walking during the dusk hours. 


Cosy Toes for chilly adventuresDesigned to shield your child from the elements all-year-round, this universal, waterproof & fleece-lined cover allows your little adventurer to make the most of the fresh air even when fully snuggled up. 



Don’t get caught out in the unpredictable British weather - Forget forking out for a footmuff, rain cover, sun shade, sleep shade, parasol, wind protector & insect net to keep your child protected - with the BlinkyWarm™, you get the same protection from one innovative product, ready to have on-hand (or should we say, on-buggy) in all seasons.


Evening strolls before bedtimeWith reflective safety strips, the BlinkyWarm™ is ideal for evening ambles when the light is disappearing - and you know that fresh air helps children to sleep better too! 



The BlinkyWarm comes in a variety of colour ways to suit every modern parent - take your pick here.