Can You Use The BlinkyWarm In Summer?

Can You Use The BlinkyWarm In Summer?

We’ve been amazed by how much you have loved the BlinkyWarm since it launched last Autumn. It’s won a Made For Mums Award and a Dadsnet Award, and we’ve been feeling alllll the love on social media! Lots of you have found out how it keeps your little person warm and dry through the freezing Winter, but now that the weather is warming up we’ve had a few questions about using it in the Summer. Well we didn’t call it an All Seasons Buggy Cover for nothing! 

The BlinkyWarm All Seasons Buggy Cover is designed to be used all year round. Olivia, the inventor, found that she and many other parents seemed to be endlessly buying more and more accessories for their strollers - a warm cosy toes in Winter, a better quality raincover, a protective sunshade in the Summer - and all these add-ons were filling up the buggy basket or getting lost in the boot of the car.

Olivia created the BlinkyWarm to be the all in one solution so that parents could buy just one accessory and use it whatever the weather.

In the Summer it’s important to keep babies and young children shielded from the sun. Their sensitive skin is easily damaged, and sun damage at a young age will stay with them for life. That’s why the BlinkyWarm includes a protective sunshade. The breathable mesh fits snugly over the top of the buggy hood, creating a shaded window so that baby can see out, but is protected from harmful UV rays. The darkening effect is also great for creating a cool, calm hideaway for daytime naps out and about. 

Even the sunniest days can quickly turn to rain, but the BlinkyWarm is ready for summer showers. The integrated rain cover is quick to unfold and keep kids dry until the rain passes. Once the sun peeks out again, just fold it away ready for next time. Whatever surprises the weather has in store you’ll be prepared!

When it’s a lovely warm day and you don’t need any extra accessories weighing you down the BlinkyWarm packs up into it’s own built-in pouch to be stashed under the buggy or hung from the handles, available to pop on at a moments notice.

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