Songs For Buggy Walks Through Wintry Forests

Songs For Buggy Walks Through Wintry Forests

As the days get shorter and Winter draws in, it is tempting to light some candles, pull up a blanket and hibernate indoors until Spring. However, as you’ll know if you have a young child, this is difficult to do when they have energy to burn! 

Getting babies and children outside is a tried and tested way to improve their mood and help them to sleep better at bedtime. A walk and some fresh air can also be the best refreshment for you when you’re having a tough day. Even when the thought of scaling coat mountain and digging through the rubble pile of shoes seems too much to bear, it is so worth it for the benefit of a few moments of crisp, Winter air with bright red leaves falling around you and frost crunching underfoot.

Pounding the pavements or earthy paths while pushing a sleeping baby in a buggy can be a relaxing, almost meditative way to spend an hour each day, but it can also be a bit lonely. We’ve put together a Spotify playlist of songs to keep you company on your buggy walk, and add some atmospheric mood music to those miles.

For this playlist we’ve taken inspiration from the great forest parks, and chosen songs that, to us, conjure up tall pine trees, the peace of a shady path, the mist floating through a mossy wood…

You can listen to the playlist for free on Spotify, here:

Songs For Buggy Walks Through Wintry Forests

Here are some of the UK and Ireland’s forest parks, which are a brilliant setting for a Winter walk with a little one… 
3,500 acres of woodland just 15 minutes from Exeter
Whether you want a quiet gentle stroll or an exhilarating mountain biking experience, there’s something for you at Haldon Forest Park.
Haldon Forest offers a range of walking and cycling trails to suit all abilities, as well as a pump loop, cycle skills area, orienteering courses and so much more just waiting to be discovered.

Although it's England's largest forest, Kielder is not just about trees. At any one time, a quarter of the area of Kielder is open space, including England’s largest area of blanket bog. Kielder is also England’s most important red squirrel reserve, home to the biggest remaining population of red squirrels in the country.
A visit to Kielder will uncover many surprises such as the Minotaur Maze and Skyspace, one of England's largest mountain bike trail network and home to Northumberland's only breeding osprey population.

Blackwater arboretum is an idyllic setting with a stunning variety of beautiful trees from around the world. Inspired by the tree collection at this special place, a sensory sculpture trail complements the setting.

This vast estate is predominantly covered by forest and woodland with both broadleaf and conifer trees growing within the Park. The broadleaf trees include ash, oak, beech, lime, sycamore and horse chestnut, while the most prominent conifers are Norway spruce, Sitka spruce, Scots pine and the magnificent western red cedar.