Five Hacks To Make The School Run Easier

Five Hacks To Make The School Run Easier

Are you facing the challenge of taking a baby or toddler on the school run this term? It can be a daunting task, trying to figure out how to make your mornings calm and organised with little people in tow who might need a nap, a last wee, another snack or who just don’t want to go out in the rain!

We’ve been there. We know how it feels to try and herd cats and get to school on time, and perhaps on to work afterward, so we’ve put together some tips to help you make the school run as easy breezy as possible…

Nap on the go
If you have a baby who has fallen into a natural nap routine, but who will need to
accompany you and their big brother or sister on the way to school and back, try not to worry about their naps. It’s likely that their nap routine will shift so that they sleep in the buggy, and that’s ok! Remember that babies sleep routines change on an almost monthly basis through the first year anyway, so stressing yourself out trying to protect their current 11 / 1 / 3 nap schedule won’t work in the long run regardless.

Be prepared for all weather
As we head toward Autumn and Winter the weather will get very changeable. A
warm September day can swiftly turn into driving rain, and before long we’ll have frost and maybe even snow. Knowing that your buggy is equipped for all weathers takes the stress out of getting out and about. The BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover combines a cosy toes, rain cover, sunshade and buggy hood in one, and packs away into a small bag to stash under the buggy when that winter sun comes out.

Streamline your organisation
If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that doing anything organisational is harder with kids under your feet! Make your life easier by prepping what you’ll need the night before. Get the buggy loaded up with the school bag, water bottle, snacks and toys for the baby. Rather than remembering separate buggy accessories such as a rain cover and sun shade, just double-check you have the BlinkyWarm™ and you’re ready to go!

Get tech to help
If you have a school-age child who drags their heels in the morning, you might feel like you’re endlessly repeating ‘get your shoes on’ whilst also trying to change the baby, warm the milk etc. Technology can help take that record off repeat! If you have Alexa or Google in your home, set up a school morning routine so that at set times the speaker announces

‘Freddie, it’s time to brush your teeth and put on your uniform’
‘Freddie, you have five more minutes to play then it’s time to leave’
‘Freddie, it’s time to put your shoes on’

We can’t promise they will immediately do what Alexa says, but it will help the whole family keep to a schedule, and take the pressure off of you to watch the clock and prompt them whilst also managing a million other things. 

Go easy on yourself
When your toddler doesn’t want to go into nursery, and clings to you crying, it is
really really hard to peel them off and walk away. It really is the worst feeling, and lots of us have experienced it. Speak to the nursery staff about it and they will implement strategies to make the handover easier. If you can wait unseen around a corner for a couple of minutes you’ll likely hear your child calm down quickly and get stuck into a day of playing. You can always call the nursery later in the morning to check in - you won’t be the only one, we promise!

But most importantly of all, don’t beat yourself up about it. Lots of children go to
nursery, lots of children struggle briefly with letting go of their parent, but then go
on to have a happy day full of rich experiences and social interaction. And at the end of the day, you will pick them up and as you push them home in the buggy they can tell you all about the exciting day they’ve had.