Songs For Feel Good Summer Strolls

Songs For Feel Good Summer Strolls

As the lazy days get longer and warmer, ambling walks with your child are a lovely way to while away the day. Whether you’re pushing your baby in a pram and showing them the Summer flowers for the first time, or holding hands with your toddler and discovering the world at their pace, we’ve put together a playlist of tracks chosen to put some pep in your step and sunshine in your soul.

You can listen to our playlist of songs for feel good summer strolls on Spotify. 


Here at Blinky we are curious and adventurous. We want families to take a deep breath and immerse themselves in nature. We give you the freedom to create a connection between your children and the great outdoors, and there’s no better time to do that than the balmy days of Summer. You could take your children insect hunting in the local hedgerows, or wildflower picking in the fields. You could ditch the dinner routine and spend a sunny evening eating a picnic dinner al fresco in a beautiful wild spot.

In this busy world we all seek a moment of reflection, a moment in which our body and mind are in sync with nature. Children need this too, help them have happy days outdoors unhindered by the elements by taking a BlinkyWarm All Season Buggy Cover on your adventure with you - you’ll be prepared come rain or shine!

Babies always seem to get the best naps when out in the fresh air, rumbling along in a buggy, so this Summer take them for a long snoozy walk, listen to our feel good playlist and soak up some sunshine together!