4 Ways To Explore This Summer

4 Ways To Explore This Summer

Looking for some exciting adventures for you and your little one this Summer? 

Check out these 4 ideas for enjoying the great outdoors!

Listening Walks

Be all ears when heading outside! Listen carefully to all the wonderous sounds around you, and help you little one identify them! Can you hear birds? Can you hear aeroplanes? Maybe you can hear the wind?

Summer scavenger hunt

List 5 or 10 signs of summer that you can spot in your local park or in the neighbourhood, and send your little explorers off to search. This is a great activity for stimulating their senses.

Bug Hunts

Take a wander in your garden, or local green space and see what bugs you can find! Can you spot butterflies flying around? Or perhaps you'll see bee's collecting pollen from the flowers. What will you find!?

Pack a picnic

Grab your picnic blanket, pack a cool bag with all your yummy favourites and find a beautiful spot to enjoy it! Why not get your child to help pack the bag too!